Friday, February 17, 2012

Frederic Edwin Church, Twilight Wilderness

Frederic Edwin Church was born on May 4, 1826 in Hartford, Connecticut. He painted landscapes. He was wealthy due to his fathers profession as a silversmith and watchmaker. He became the student of Thomas Cole at the age of eighteen and learned a lot from him. He lived in New York and painted a lot of the scenery around him. He died on April 7, 1900.

In this painting,"Twilight Wilderness", the colors are on the dark side. The lines are wavy and curved. The colors are dark because of the sunset in order to set the mood. The shapes are all organic because the picture is of nature. The texture appears to be smooth.

The rhythm is from left to right because the colors get darker and darker as to go across. The focus is on the mountains because they are darker than everything else. The emphasis is on the water and trees. There is unity and balance in the painting with the mountains on one side and the tall trees on the other. I like this painting because of the colors used and the way the mountains stand out because of the darkness of them.

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