Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thomas Doughty

Thomas Doughty, who was much recognized as "one of the pioneers of our landscape Art," was born in Philadelphia in July 19, 1793. He was the first American artist to work in landscapes. His landscape paintings reflects the influence of English school of landscaping. One of the painting named Denning's Point, Hudson River, which is shown above, exemplifies how his drawings had quiet and pastoral landscape of nineteenth century.
The color of this picture has light values which implies more of a calmness of the background. In the background, which is the Hudson River, there are tiny sailing boat and vigorous green nature. This painting has the smooth texture.
The focus is in the mountains beyond the river and the trees that are shown. It has the curves with different proportion of heights at the end. It has the balance for its dark sides in the ends and focus in the middle.

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