Friday, February 17, 2012

Albert Bierstadt

Albert Bierstadt was a German-American painter, who was best known for his lavish, sweeping landscapes of the American West. In his works, Bierstadt joined several journeys of the westward expansion. Even though he was not the first artist to record these sites, Bierstadt was the probably the best painter of these scenes for the rest of the 19th century.

The painting has a good amount of light that shows it is not complete daylight but also not complete darkness. It is a very different kind of picture that portrayed something that was going to happen. It was a little bit of a darker romantic picture but it is beautiful and admirable. Half of the painting is light and the other half is almost dark because the storm is coming so it is starting to get a little bit more gloomy.

The focus of the painting makes your eyes go to right at to above the lake looking at the circular trees in the middle because it is the center and it attracts attention. Also, the animals on the small peninsula look as if they are very small to make the rest of the scene look huge.


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