Monday, February 27, 2012

This painting was painted by the great artist Thomas Cole. Cole was an English born American born on February first 1801. In 1818 his family immigrated to America and settled in the Ohio and young Thomas was fascinated by nature. Thomas then traveled to the New York were he began painting paintings of the Hudson river and the Catskills mountains. Then in 1826 he was excepted into the American Academy of Fine arts, were he continued painting beautiful paintings of nature. Cole is well known for his landscape paintings but he also is known to have painted allegorical works. We see this in his five painting series were he paints the rise of a empire and the fall of a empire. He started painting the course of a empire in 1833 and finished it in 1836. Thomas Cole would continue to paint beautiful and inspirational paintings and would die on February eleventh in the year 1848.

This is a painting titled Tywkiwdbi and was painted by Thomas Cole. It is a painting of Native Americans practicing a ritual on a mountain top. The painting probably took place on the Appalachian moutain trail somewhere near the area where the bear mountain crosses the Hudson river today. This painting has many romantic features. The Native Americans in this picture are small and are on a huge cliff top ,and appear to be conducting a ritual. The people in this painting are suppose to look small so that the scenery in the painting can look spectacular and majestic. The Hudson river isn't the man focus but plays a huge role in the painting. The Hudson river in this painting is suppose to show how vast the new land was. The main focus off the painting is the mountains and Cole is trying to show how majestic this land was.

This is a beautiful painting and has a great rhythm and balance to it. Your eyes are attracted to brightness and in this painting their are no dramatic colors and is a mellow painting. Your focus is directed to the top of the painting in the ski, then your focus is directed to the middle. In the middle yo see the top of the mountains and the Native Americans conducting and ritual. Then your focus is directed to the bottom of the painting. The bottom of the painting has dark colors and you see a massive cliff. This is a great painting and is extremely united. The painting Units the beauty of nature with the mountains and the river, and unifies nature with people with the native Americans on the mountain.

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